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Solo Select Horses adds another division to it's business by purchasing Curtis & Debbie Graves ranch and recipient mare herd in July of 2023.


The Graves family spent over twenty years developing a herd of nearly 1300 mares and designing facilities that allow the recipient mares to be handled efficiently and quietly, decreasing stress -- and therefore increasing success rates and results.

With Solo Select's addition of 800 mares, Select Reproduction will boast one of the largest recipient mare herds in the country. 

Your hopes and dreams are carried by these mares - and taking care of them is a job we take seriously. The ultimate outcome of your breeding begins long before the embryo is implanted. We prioritize the care and wellness of these mares, year around, to ensure the very best results - because your success is our success.

In our opinion, these recipient mares are just as important as the donor mare and stallions. They lay the foundation for the foals you have dreamed about. Our goal is to give our clients the best experience and the best success rates. 

Glynn Whitman, Ranch Manager



Select Reproduction has put together a phenomenal team of the VERY best individuals who are dedicated to the care and success of the recipient mares.

2024 Recipient Mare Lease Information


Please submit your contact information below to receive updates regarding recipient leases for the 2024 breeding season.

3400 County Road 203

Collinsville, Texas 76233

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Thank you! We will send you emails and updates regarding recipient leases as the information comes available.

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