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Select Reproduction launches its start following the 2023 breeding season. 


Select Reproduction is dedicated to giving you the VERY best. Recipient mares carry your hopes and dreams as a breeder. Carrying and being an essential part of your future champion. in our opinion these mares are just as important as the donor mare and stallions, laying the foundation for the foals you have dreamed about. Our goal is to give out clients the best experience and the best success rates.


Select Reproduction Managers

Glynn and Tonia met 20 years ago while both qualifying horses for the AQHA World Show in Gainesville, over the last two decades they have made their mark on the western industry. Their passion for horses, and their fierce desire to help those around them succeed - make them an unstoppable team. We are very excited to welcome them to the Solo Select Team.



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Select Reproduction has put together a phenomenal team of the VERY best individuals who are dedicated to giving you the best. Our goal is to increase successful pregnancy rates, and make the client experience amazing. The equine breeding industry has a lot of grey area, and we strive to eliminate as much as that as possible. Recipient mares are an essential part of bringing future champions into this world and we believe they are equally as important as the donor mare and the stallion you spent time carefully picking. Our team is just as invested in the success of your dreams as you are, and we are very excited for the future pregnancies and foals to hit the ground.


Debbie, Curtis and Brandi Graves with one of the Graves Recipients 

The History of Select Reproduction

20 years ago, Curtis and Debbie Graves ventured into the world of recipient mares. Little did they know at the time how large their operation would grow and the impact it would have on the industry. Graves has become the largest Recip farm in the world, supplying mares to Reproductive Vets across the country. Family owned and operated, together Debbie, Curtis and their daughter, Brandi put together an incredibly efficient operation. Across the country the Graves brand is widely known, a symbol of the hard work put into producing quality recipient mares.

Solo Select was founded by Melanie Smith in 2018, at the time the business only has one division - sales. Melanie quickly built a reputation for her ability to match her clients with the right horses, her fierce desire and passion for the western industry gave her an edge. In 2020 she noticed a need for an online sales platform that could revolutionize the industry - and formed The Select Online Sale. Solo Select has grown exponentially over the last three years, in 2021 they stepped into the breeding world and in 2023 they purchased the Graves Recipient Farm, now named Select Reproduction.


Interview with Curtis, Debbie and Brandi Graves.

Sit down with Solo Select's Melanie Smith to speak with Curtis Graves, Debbie Graves, Brandi Graves, and Tonia and Glynn Whitman. They discuss the history of the Graves Farm and their passion behind the industry.

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